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Trommel Fines Recycling

Trommel fines treatment & recovery

With over 75% diversion from landfill, 2ZLF’s dedicated trommel fines treatment solution delivers high rate non-hazardous landfill tax avoidance, improving environmental performance and unlocking latent value in your waste.

Trommel fines are produced by dry processing waste in large rotating cylinders called trommels. 2ZLF's efficient dry waste screening and recycling process produces smaller sized 'trommel fines' typically comprised of inert, non-hazardous material, typically including: aggregates, glass, soil, stones, wood and ceramics.  Where trommel fines were once sent to landfill, the high rate non-hazardous landfill tax makes landfill diversion environmentally and financially desirable.

2ZLF’s efficient and cost-effective trommel fines processing solution:


minimises the waste to landfill


reduces tax liability


improves environmental performance


Trommel Fines Percentage Diversion from Landfill

Trommel fines cover a wide range of wastes – 2ZLF can treat some wastes but generally they must follow the 3 rules:-

  1. Include a recoverable mineral fraction (sand, stone, glass)
  2. Not include too much water-absorbing materials (paper)
  3. Not odorous

2ZLF currently is processing MBT heavies from a municipal MRF. We recover the following materials:-

  • Fine aggregate <3mm (glass and sand)
  • Coarse aggregate 3mm-10mm (glass and stone)
  • Rubbish (to energy recovery)

The 2ZLF recycling plant benefits from a full water treatment system which ensures that heavy metals and oils are removed from the wash water continuously.

The 2ZLF service benefits include:

  • F2ZLF collect this material on a just in time basis from our client as they have little or no storage space.
  • Fast Turnaround Times:

- Automatic weighbridge
- Multiple tipping bays

  • Full Transparency

Robust independent Duty of Care assessment on all off-takers/further treatment facilities.

  • Competitive Gate Fees

Our gate fees are some of the most competitive in the Midlands because we have invested in technology to maximise our products and minimise our wastes.

  • Sustainable

- We operate a water neutral site with all rainwater gathered from the site.
- Chemicals are locally sourced wherever possible.

Just in Time Collections

Fast turnaround times

Competitive gate fees


Save Money on waste

Call Us today on + 44  0333-305-2122 or email us at sales@2zlf.co.uk

SAVE MONEY and maximise trommel fine RECYCLING

Reduce the cost of trommel fines to your business and capitalise on the latent value of the resources in your waste. 


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