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Gully Waste Treatment

Gully Waste TREATMENT, Drain Material & Road Arisings

2ZLF recycle EWC 20 03 03 and EWC 20 01 01 Gully Waste, Drain Material and General Road Arisings at our bespoke recycling plant in Derby, in the heart of the Midlands.

Gully wastes are assigned the EWC 20 03 03 or EWC 20 01 01 codes.  To comply with the Environment Agency rules this material must be mechanically treated.

Gully waste (or gully arising as it is also known) contains sand, stone, organic material, fines, rubbish, heavy metals and oil, making this material typically more contaminated than road sweepings. 

Simple, fast and efficient...

From our online booking system to the specially constructed Vacuum Tanker tipping bays, the 2ZLF gully waste treatment is designed for speed and efficiency.

Water is drained away for treatment in the 2ZLF water treatment plant whilst the dewatered solids are then fed into the recycling plant.  Our treatment of Gully Waste includes oversize screening, attrition scrubbing, grading, water treatment and fines dewatering. A full Factory Production Control process is applied to ensure our products conform to the WRAP aggregate recycling protocol.

100% diverted from landfill.  >60% Recovered & Processed

We guarantee that 100% of gully waste will be diverted from landfill, and over 60% will recovered and processed to form end of waste products.  The 2ZLF Gully Waste recycling plant benefits from a full water treatment system which ensures that heavy metals and oils are removed from the wash water continuously. 

Zero to Landfill

  • None of our waste goes to landfil 

Maximise Aggregate Recovery

  • Our sand and stone are classified End of Waste and certified to BS EN13242.

Fast turnaround times

  • Automatic weighbridge with multiple tipping bays

Full transparency

  • As an independent company we carry out Duty of Care on all our off-takers/further treatment facilities.

Competitive gate fees

  • Our gate fees are some of the most competitive in the Midlands because we have invested in technology to maximise our products and minimise our wastes

Save Money on waste

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Let 2ZLF help your company or organisation not only to reduce your waste to landfill but also to identify the value of the resources hidden within your waste. 

Reduce the cost of your waste


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