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recycling wash plant

zero to landfill recycling wash plant


2ZLF's Zero to landfill recycling wash plant in Derby offers fully sustainable wet and dry waste recycling for road arisings, gully waste and interceptor waste for our clients across the West Midlands.  We are accredited to treat both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams from oily water and high organic leachate contamination including EWC Code 20 03 03, EWC Code 13 05 08*, EWC Code 17 05 03*, EWC Code 17 05 04.  A full list of our permits which can be seen in the Systems & Resources page of this website.

All feedstocks are all processed using our wash plant which was designed to be flexible and handle different types of waste. Our advanced water treatment solution combining dissolved air floatation and electrocoagulation is key plant flexibility and energy efficiency.



The waste streams we currently receive include:

Road Sweepings

EWC Code 200303

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Gully Waste

EWC Code 200303

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Interceptor Waste

EWC Code 130508 

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Excavation Waste

EWC code 170503 and 170504

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Tanker Waste

EWC Code 130508, 170503 and 170504

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