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recycling wash plant

The 2ZFL dewatering and recycling wash plant facility is designed for the sustainable treatment and recycling of wet and dry waste material.


The 2ZLF dewatering and wash plant facility provides an efficient treatment and recycling solution for a wide variety of wet and dry, hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams using electrocoagulation and DAF water treatment to optimise water recycling.  Based in Derby and serving clients across the Midlands, the waste streams we treat include gully waste, excavation waste, road sweepings, interceptor sludge; contaminated soil treatment and road arisings.

The site has been designed to minimise turnaround time. We have a fully equipped dewatering bay to enable receipt of wet material allowing Sweepers to reverse and tip into a concrete bay and drive away - simple, fast and efficient. Typically Sweeper turnaround is under 5 minutes, improving productivity and reducing gate fees.

Rapid Turnaround

The dewatering bay has a sump within the building - our recycled stone is used as a drainage material to allow liquid to pass to the sump with the solid being retained in the bay ready for processing through the plant with the other dry material.

The contaminated water passes through the gravel bed into a sump from where the water is treated using the electrocoagulation and DAF water treatment plant. Oil is collected from the DAF whilst any sludge is dewatered.

Eliminate Landfill

Reduce Costs

The solids are picked up from the dewatering bed (including the gravel bed) and passed into the solids washing system.

All final products are washed with water which has been cleaned through the OPS water treatment system.

Full transparent traceability of materials

Dedicated processing for major clients

Fast turn around times

dewatering bay for receipt of wet materials

Availability from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12pm Saturday

Emergency tipping out of hours

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