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Solar Panel System Supply and Installation Requirement Derby

Request for proposal for the Supply & Installation of Solar Panel System

2ZLF is a zero to landfill waste treatment facility based in Derby offering a complete treatment and waste recycling service for both wet and dry material, including gully waste, excavation waste, road sweepings, interceptor sludge; contaminated soil treatment, trommel fines and road arisings.


In support of our core business goal of mitigating the environmental impact of waste through optimised recycling efficiencies, 2ZLF are looking to install a solar panel system on the roof of our Derby facility. Tenders (Quotations) are being sought for the supply and installation of a suitable system.



2ZLF are looking to install a solar panel system on the roof area shown below in yellow.  This yellow-shaded south-south-west facing roof measures 30 x 12.5 metres.  To avoid obscuring the existing roof lights, all proposals should be based on the assumption that 70% of this total roof area will be covered with solar PV array panels.

RFP Format

The winning bidder will be chosen by considering price, quality, delivery time and by supplying suitable references of similar jobs.

Interested parties are asked to submit proposals in electronic form to admin@2zlf.co.uk  by the RFP deadline of 14.00 on Friday 08/04/2022.

All proposals must include contact information with the signature of authorising company official, OEM system to be installed, installation details; example Risk Assessment and Method Statement methodologies, cost summary, qualifications and relevant project experience.

RFP Deadline 14.00 on 08/04/2022








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